Event Calendar for Zell B. Miller Learning Center

November 8, 2019

Friday, November 8

Women's Studies Friday Speaker Series Lecture

"The Athena Co-Learning Collective: Radical Feminist Parxis at UGA," Jennifer Rice & Amy Trauger, Geography.

Lecture: Jeff Mielke

"Phonetic Studies of Typologically Unusual Vowel Systems," Dr. Jeff Mielke, professor, Linguistics Program, Department of English at North Carolina State...

Lecture: Deborah Cohn

"Cold War Information Studies: Robert Spiller, the U.S. Information Agency, and the American Studies Certificate," Deborah Cohn, professor of Spanish and...

Sociology Colloquium Series

"When Do Armed Groups Refuse to Carry Out Electoral Violence?" Megan Turnbull, assistant professor of international affairs at University of...