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Nevaja Brown

Nevaja Brown left a positive review 8/21/2019

I thought it was very neat, and it gave students a chance to be in Stanford Stadium while not at a sporting event. I was able to catch up with friends I met at orientation.

Mckenzie Hudgins

Mckenzie Hudgins left a review 8/21/2019

It was very hot, and we were all facing the sun. I didn't stay longer than 20 minutes.

Cristobal Gaviria

Cristobal Gaviria left a negative review 8/21/2019

You timed it poorly, the sun was still out so it was hard to see the movie. The sound was awful, everyone knows that the stadium has great speakers, but you guys did not use them so it was hard to hear. Lastly, the event is called film ON THE FIFTY everyone was expecting to be able to lay on the grass. Please do not sell us an idea that you can not give.

Lotanna Amechi

Lotanna Amechi left a positive review 8/14/2019

It was fun! Wish there was more space and time to do the activities

Alyce Ryan

Alyce Ryan left a positive review 8/12/2019

This was so fun! I had such a fun time seeing everyone who was a freshman!

Sanford Stadium

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Sanford Stadium

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