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CTEGD Research in Progress - Sabatini Lab

Presenter: Sabatini Lab Moderators: TBA

1/27 8:30am
Lecture: Dr. Liwang Cui

"Malria Drug Resistanse in Southeast Asia: Epidemiology," Dr. Liwang Cui.

1/27 11:10am
Lecture: Dr. John Chan

"Searching for New Drugs to Kill Blood-Dwelling Parasitic Flatworms," Dr. John Chan, Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Anatomy, Medical College...

1/27 2:30pm
MRI Safety Training

Bio-Imaging Research Center (BIRC) provides MRI Safety training for individual researchers and their teams who are directly using BIRC resources. Please sign...

1/31 2:30pm
CTEGD Research in Progress - Docampo Lab

Moderator: Anat Florentin

2/3 8:30am

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Sara Campbell

Sara Campbell left a positive review 11/7/2019

The presentation and the materials provided were excellent. I think it would be helpful to make it more interactive by including an opportunity to interact in small groups.