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Insurance Society/GIS Fall Picnic

Welcome back picnic for Risk Management majors who are a member of the Insurance Society and/or Gamma Iota Sigma.

8/29 6pm

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Sourabh Karmakar

Sourabh Karmakar left a positive review 4/10/2019

Very insightful and engaging.

Frank McGregor

Frank McGregor left a positive review 2/18/2019

The info-session was very informative and an enjoyable experience.

Donald Addison

Donald Addison left a positive review 10/24/2018

I was worthwhile for me to attend. The panelists had the right backgrounds and experience.

Itzell Ramirez-lopez

Itzell Ramirez-lopez left a positive review 8/21/2018

It was great! I really enjoyed getting to hear and talk to all the different departments and can now say I have found the right major and certificate for me.