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 QGIS Workshop 1: Point Data

Learn to use QGIS to put points on a map; exploring different symbology (including graduated and proportional symbols) and style options for map...

9/25 4pm
 Workshop: Brand Yourself: Boosting Your Online Presence

A professionalization workshop on ways graduate students can make themselves more Googleable: building a personal webpage, utilizing social media, and...

9/26 4pm
Find Funding: Learn How to Use the Pivot Funding Database

Need help finding funding? With Pivot, researchers can search a large database of funding opportunities as well as potential collaborators. The UGA Libraries...

10/3 2pm
 QGIS Workshop 2: Polygon Data

Learn to use QGIS to combine tables with available geometry to turn that data into a map. The workskhop will cover clipping, filtering, and joining data, and...

10/7 4pm
DIGI Colloquium: Black Mirrors and Melting Wizards, Digital Storytelling Tools and Techniques

In this talk, Dr. Jim McGrath (Brown University) will present an overview of his approaches to digital storytelling in the classroom, emphasizing ideas of...

10/9 4pm

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