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Shaquita Lumpkin

Shaquita Lumpkin left a review 5/19/2021

It Was Okay

Chloe Lee

Chloe Lee left a negative review 5/19/2021

I got to the event around 8:40 but by then they said all they ad left was the sausage/egg biscuit. I am vegetarian so I was hoping there would be some sweet potato tortilla wrap left, but there wasn't. For such an event, I expected to accomodations for vegetarians and I was disappointed to leave empty-handed.

September Evans

September Evans left a positive review 5/19/2021

It was very good. Very happy volunteers. Traffic flow handled professionally! Loved my warm biscuit. Thanks all around.

Brian Freese

Brian Freese left a negative review 5/19/2021

I was unable to attend due to work.

Adrien Mason

Adrien Mason left a review 5/19/2021

It's the thought that matters more. The breakfast was just okay, because there was only one option and if you didn't like it, what could you do?

Samantha McQueston

Samantha McQueston left a positive review 10/5/2020

Loved it!