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185 Baldwin Street, Athens, GA 30602

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Workshop: Creating a Culture of Engaged Learning in Your Classroom

The best way to counter student resistance to active learning is to create a culture of engaged learning in classrooms during the first few weeks....

1/31 3:30pm
FINA 4310 Exam (Kohler)

Exam 1

2/4 6pm
Workshop: Crafting an Academic Diversity Statement Part 1

Diversity statements are living documents that allow instructors to reflect on their conceptualization of and contributions to diversity and inclusion in the...

2/7 2pm
Acct 5001 (Hawk)

night exam

2/19 5pm
Workshop: Effective Teaching Presentation for TAs and LAs

This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of effective teaching presentation, including appropriate preparation, verbal and non-verbal communication and...

2/20 12:20pm

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Instructional Plaza

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