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About the UGA Master Calendar

The Division of Marketing & Communications manages the UGA Master Calendar. If you have questions or need help, please email


  • Events submitted to the Master Calendar should be of general interest to the entire university community. Events with a narrow audience will be considered for inclusion and displayed on the Master Calendar at the discretion of the Master Calendar staff.
  • The Master Calendar only displays events sponsored by an officially recognized University of Georgia organization or events held on one of its campuses.
  • Events listed on the Master Calendar are assumed to be open free to the public unless otherwise noted.
  • All submitted events must be organized, hosted or sponsored by a campus organization, group, office, department, school, college or unit.
  • Events will not be posted unless all required information is provided. Calendar staff members will follow up with the listed event contact when possible to fill in missing information.
  • Contributors are solely responsible for the information in their submissions. Calendar moderators will check for accuracy but operate under the assumption that no false or inappropriate information is submitted.
  • Event submissions will be moderated for appropriateness and edited for content, consistency and Associated Press news style before posting.
  • If an event is canceled, submitters must update the entry as soon as possible. If a ticketed event becomes sold out, contributors also should update the entry as soon as possible.
  • Social events or get-togethers that do not have a formal program or speaker will not be posted to the Master Calendar. Events without a physical location also are not allowed.
  • Mentions of alcohol and alcoholic beverages (including happy or cocktail hours) are forbidden on the Master Calendar. Any exceptions are at the discretion of the Master Calendar staff.
  • Fliers or event invitations with text and clipart graphics may not be used as photos for events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of events should be submitted to the calendar?

    Master Calendar events must be of general interest to the university community. The calendar is primarily for events held on campus, though notable off-campus events may be included depending upon their importance to the university community.

    All events are required to have a campus connection, such as being sponsored by an officially recognized UGA entity or held in a properly reserved UGA facility.

  • What kind of events should not be submitted to the calendar?

    The following types of events are not included in the Master Calendar: weekly meetings (except when there is a special program of general institutional interest); socials or get-togethers that do not have a formal program or speaker; online-only events that are not campuswide Enterprise Information Technology Services occurrences; events with no specific location; and incentive nights.

    Mentions of alcohol or alcoholic beverages (including happy and cocktail hours) also are not accepted for the Master Calendar.

  • Can I include a photo with my event?

    The submission form includes a place for contributors to upload images with their events. Photos of speakers and images of the event from past years are usually the best candidates to be included with an event.

    Fliers, event invitations and clipart graphics are not permitted on the Master Calendar.

  • How do I submit themed weeks, festivals or multiple events that are connected?

    For events that are connected, contributors should include a line stating the connection in the Event Summary area of the submission form. For example, “This event is part of Homecoming Week.” or “This event is part of the Hairy Dawg Speaker Series.”

    For themed weeks with multiple events in different locations, contributors should fill out a separate submission for each event while also including a line connecting them. Submitting multiple events will ensure that the largest number of visitors see the week’s events.

  • My event is free, but requires a reservation or ticket, how do I include that in my submission?

    The requirement of a ticket or reservation for free events should be included in the Event Summary area of the submission form.

  • When should I submit my event?

    Because the Master Calendar is used for event planning across campus as well as public affairs purposes, contributors should submit events as soon as the details are finalized.

    To be featured in Columns, the faculty and staff newspaper, or on the university’s home page, events must be submitted at least three to four weeks in advance.

    Units are responsible for assuring that their scheduled events will not compete with similar events that would draw a similar audience. Major lectures, performances and other events expected to draw a campuswide audience should not be held at the same time.

  • How long will it take for my event to show up?

    All events are reviewed before posting, and events are approved in the order they occur. The majority of events are approved within a few hours of submission. During peak times of the semester, an influx of events may cause a longer delay in the review and posting process.

    Incomplete event submissions will not be posted until the missing information is received. As a result, a Master Calendar moderator may request more information regarding an event.

  • What if I need to change or cancel my event? Can I update it?

    Contributors are solely responsible for the information in their submissions and should update their entries as soon as possible if anything changes. For specific questions, email

  • Who do I contact if I have a different question?

    For further assistance with the Master Calendar, email or call 706‑542‑8059.

Submitting Events by Feed

If you already manage event details in another system, you may be able to provide a feed to automate adding events to the UGA Master Calendar. Feeds require a base-level of information in order to set up an automatic import.

Required Fields

  • Event Name
  • Description — HTML will be stripped. Any links should be programmatically output inline; i.e. More information (
  • Start Date — MM/DD/YYYY
  • Event Place — match building name if on campus
  • Event Contact Name — name of person responsible for event
  • Event Contact Phone Number — phone number of person responsible for event
  • Event Contact Email — email of person responsible for event
  • Event Type — 1+ comma-separated values
  • Audience — 1+ comma-separated values
  • Topic — 1+ comma-separated values
  • Departments and Groups — Each event should be associated with at least one department or group. Multiple associations are allowed.
    • Department — comma-separated values
    • Group — comma-separated values

Recommended Fields

  • Start Time — HH:MM AM/PM
  • End Time — HH:MM AM/PM
  • Room — specific location details; i.e. “Room 123” or “Courtyard”
  • Address — if Event Place does not match a UGA building
  • Event Website — link for more information
  • Event Photo — URL to photo resource
  • Ticket Cost — fee/cost
  • Ticket Link — registration or ticket URL

Other Fields

  • Twitter Hashtag — i.e. SampleHashtag (do not include #)
  • Facebook Event Page — URL to Facebook Event

NOTE: Events with the same “Event Name” and “Event Place” will be combined into a multi-occurrence event when added via a feed. All other fields will be populated by the first occurrence found and differences in subsequent occurrences will be ignored. If events with the same name and location need to have unique details, “Event Name” should be unique.

If you’d like to find out more information about providing events as a feed, please email

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