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Cell Bio Seminar: Dr. Vernon Carruthers

"Running a Crossing Route: Anabolic and Catabolic Roles for the Enolysosomal System of the Pervasive Brain Parasite Toxoplasma gondii," Dr. Vernon Carruthers.

1/21 11am
CTEGD Seminar: Bruno Martorelli Di Genova

"Inhibition of delta-6-desaturase allows Toxoplasma to have sex anywhere," Dr. Bruno Martorelli Di Genova, University of Wisconsin - Madison.

1/21 3:30pm
UGA Quick Pitch Competition

The University of Georgia Innovation District Seminar Series in January will feature a "Quick Pitch" competition, where 10 teams will pitch their business...

1/22 5:30pm
CTEGD Seminar: Tania Rozario

"Making heads or tails of tapeworms: Region-specific regulation of stem cell-driven regeneration in Hymenolepis diminuta," Tania Rozario, regenerative...

1/29 4pm
MRI Safety Training

Bio-Imaging Research Center (BIRC) provides MRI Safety training for individual researchers and their teams who are directly using BIRC resources. Please sign...

1/31 2:30pm

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