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IOB Seminar: Dr. Martina Bradic

"Decoding the Role of Transposable Elements in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis," Dr. Martina Bradic, asssistant professor of research in the Department of...

1/31 11:15am
Software Carpentry | Data Science Skills: R, RStudio Workshop

The Institute of Bioinformatics is pleased to announce a new workshop on introductory coding for data science. These workshops are targeted at new users with...

2/7 9am
IOB Courtesy Faculty Seminar: Kelly Dawe

"The Maize Pangenome," Kelly Dawe, UGA Athletics Association in plant biology and genetics.

2/14 11:15am
IOB Symposium 2020 | Collective Behavior

The IOB Collective Behavior Symposium will have speakers and discussions to promote understanding collective behavior from multiple perspectives. We will...

3/20 9am
IOB Retreat 2020

IOB Spring Retreat 2020 for students, faculty, and staff.


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