Division of Academic Enhancement

Division of Academic Enhancement

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Student Success Workshop: Managing Time, Priorities, and Procrastination

Students who attend this one-hour workshop will learn about and begin practicing strategies proven to help organize, manage, and prioritize their academic...

2/10 4pm
Student Success Workshop: Navigating Communication Breakdown in Group Projects

In this one-hour workshop, students will learn about effective communication in group project settings. Students will also practice strategies to help them...

2/25 4pm
Student Success Workshop: Study Skills and Strategies: Essentials for Success in College

In this one-hour workshop, students will be introduced to the most efficient and effective study strategies for academic success in college and will learn...

3/1 4pm
Student Success Workshop: Read Between the Lines: Effective Reading and Text Comprehension Strategies

This one-hour workshop will help students learn and practice college-level reading and learning strategies to better connect with the content and professor,...

3/9 4pm
Student Success Workshop: How to Show and Tell: Presentation Aides for Public Speaking

In this one-hour workshop, students will learn best practices for creating visual aids, with a particular emphasis on PowerPoint presentations. Register at...

3/18 4pm

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