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The CTL is  devoted to the advancement of instructional excellence at the University of Georgia. The central mission of CTL is to provide campus-wide leadership on matters relating to instruction.

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Calling together a class of learners to meet physically should mean offering them a valuable experience. How can educators maximize the impact of their time...

6/22 11am
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Create engagement through gamification in a manner consistent with cognitive and motivational science. Long Gamification is a new term associated with...

7/7 11am
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Make the most of professional development experiences and showcase teaching innovations and accomplishments. Using our Critical Teaching Behaviors framework,...

7/20 11am
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The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership at the University of North Georgia (UNG) is planning a Certified Peer Observation Program designed to be a...

7/28 11am
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How do educators help students transfer learning from classroom to career? This session is for faculty who are interested in helping students navigate their...

8/4 11am

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