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The CTL is  devoted to the advancement of instructional excellence at the University of Georgia. The central mission of CTL is to provide campus-wide leadership on matters relating to instruction.

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TA Café: Developing a Teaching Portfolio

Not sure where to start in developing a teaching portfolio? Not sure what a teaching porfolio even is? Join TAs from across campus to discuss how to gather...

11/3 12:45pm
CTL Book Club

Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto, Kevin Gannon, West Virginia Press, 2020 Join in this discussion of chapters 6-10.

11/13 1:45pm
GradTeach Workshop: Active Learning as a TA

Join a GradTeach panel with award-winning TAs from across campus as they discuss active learning as a TA in various teaching contexts, including...

11/18 12:40pm
Write@UGA 2021 Featured Lecture: “What Does It Mean to Assess Writing for a Better World?”

This talk engages with the question of what it means to assess and grade college student writing for a better world. It focuses not on people behaving badly...

2/22/2021 11:30am
Write@UGA 2021 Featured Workshop: “Bravely Challenging Our White Language Supremacy in Our Assessments of Student Writing”

This workshop will challenge participants to bravely investigate their own classroom assessment practices, particularly their orientations toward student...

2/22/2021 3pm

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