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Alumni Career Services Webinar: New Tools for Managers Post COVID

As people continue in a 2021 marketplace, it's critically important that managers begin to consider how to manage their teams effectively in a new hybrid...

9/21 1pm
Cultivating Trust + Respect

This interactive virtual session will help mentors and mentees build skill to cultivate trusting, effective relationships. Participants will learn factors...

9/21 3:30pm
Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Arch Ready Fall 2021 (Virtual Event)

Diversity and inclusion help create a culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse perspectives and voices of our students. It fuels...

9/21 4pm
Student on phone

Networking with experienced UGA alumni can help students get ahead in life and career, but it can also be overwhelming. The UGA Mentor Program narrows down...

9/22 12:15pm
Explore Lab: Choosing a Major Workshop - Arch Ready Fall 2021 (Registration Required)

Explore Lab is a small group workshop offered by the UGA Career Center to help first-and second-year students navigate the process of choosing a major. This...

9/22 3pm

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