Vinzenz Brinkmann – “The Enigma of the Riace Bronzes: A New Approach”

In 1972 an amateur snorkeler on holiday at the isolated beach of Riace in Calabria (southern Italy) by chance discovered two exceptionally well-preserved monumental ancient bronze statues partially buried on theseabed. Dating from c. 460 BC and representing Greek warriors, the so-called Riace Bronzes remain the highest quality Greek bronze statuary to survive from the classical world. They arrestingly exemplify how fifth century Greek sculptors developed a new style of representation in bronze to create lifelike, spatially dynamic figures with acute psychological characterization. Yet, despite exhaustive study over the last 45 years, there remains no consensus about whom or what exactly the Riace Bronzes represent.Nor is it clear where or how they were displayed in antiquity. Are there overlooked clues that might allow the riddle of these famous bronzes to besolved?Vinzenz Brinkmann, one of the foremost international experts ofclassical Greek sculpture and Head of Antiquities at the Frankfurt Liebieghaus, will share his innovative, if not revolutionary, reinterpretation of these iconic sculptural masterpieces from the fifth century B.C.A public reception will follow the lecture.

Monday, June 4, 2018 at 4:00am

Lamar Dodd School of Art, S150
270 River Road, Athens, GA 30602

Office of Research, Willson Center for Humanities and Arts
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