Exhibition: The Strategies of Suffrage: Mobilizing a Nation for Women’s Rights

In 1848, more than 300 attendees gathered in Seneca Falls, New York to discuss women’s rights. In the decades that followed, suffragists gathered, discussed, spoke, wrote, performed, paraded, and protested to give American women the right to vote. They waged a determined battle for greater agency, one that united women across barriers of race and class while also revealing social tensions and racial prejudices that persisted in society. 

The Strategies of Suffrage explores the women’s suffrage movement from 1848 to 1920. It focuses on the visual and verbal appeals activists used to promote their message to the public. This exhibit was made possible with the collections of and generous support from the Lucy Hargrett Draper Center and Archives for the Study of the Rights of Women in History and Law.

Sunday, January 26

More dates through July 2, 2020

Richard B. Russell Special Collections Libraries, Hargrett Library Gallery
300 S Hull Street, Athens, GA 30605