Raul Saucedo – Colloquium: “Ontological Collectivism”

Raul Saucedo is an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado Boulder. He works primarily in metaphysics and relatedtopics in logic and philosophy of science. His current research focuses on a few interconnected issues concerning parts and wholes, space and time, plurals, and fundamentality. He is also interested in the treatment ofsuch themes across the history of philosophy (especially in the ancient Greek and early modern periods) as well as in non-Western intellectual traditions (especially ancient Indian thought). At the moment he is working ona few papers, articles, and a book manuscript defending the ontologicalpriority of collectivity over individuality.Saucedo articulates a much-overlooked debate in fundamental metaphysics – the debate over the relative ontological priority between individuality and collectivity. He distinguishes this debate from other more familiar ones in the literature (e.g., over the relative priority between parts and wholes) and defends its in-principle intelligibility from initially appealing but ultimately flawed objections. He then argues that one of the views at play in the debate – the thesis that collectivity grounds individuality, which he calls ontological collectivism – is not only coherent but of also of critical interest to metaphysics: it allows for novel approaches to a variety of metaphysical questions.

Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 5:00am

Peabody Hall, 115
290 S Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30602

Office of Research, Willson Center for Humanities and Arts
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