Presentation: Historic Preservation: A Living Connection with the Choctaw Homeland

Dr. Ian Thompson, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s Historic Preservation Department, presents about his culturally-informed work and teaching for the Choctaw Nation. 

The agenda of the Homeland Returns research project at UGA is to engage the programs and people of sovereign Native nations, including many who were removed to Indian Territory/Oklahoma. It also seeks to counter the national removal narrative and to grow diversity at UGA through research that attracts Native American students, scholars, and artists. By encouraging active scholarly exchange between people and departments at UGA and the cultural and service programs of sovereign tribes, Homeland Returns will foster awareness among the students, faculty, and community of UGA. It will also introduce Native American students, scholars, artists, and tribal administrators from Oklahoma to the considerable resources of Georgia’s largest research-1 university. Set in southeastern “Indian” homelands, Georgia remains of vital  interest to Tribal Historic Preservation Offices (THPOs) and other cultural programs of today’s federally-recognized tribes, including the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma.  

Thursday, October 21 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Virtual Event