February 2020 Academic Adventures

Aircraft & Spacecraft Design

In this class, you will explore the amazing world of flight and see how aircraft and spacecraft are designed and tested. You will discover how scientific principles, such as energy, momentum, pressure, and gravity, have led to incredible advances in aerospace technology. Experiment with various structural, propulsion, and control system designs, and take part in hands-on activities like designing, assembling, and flying styrofoam gliders, launching two-liter compressed air/water rockets, and trying out flight gear used by Air Force test pilots. Come find out what it means to make something fly!

Cellular Gene-ius: Introduction to Microbiology & Genetics

Ever wonder why you look like your parents? Do you want to be a scientist, or just learn more about biology? This class will introduce you to those tiny organisms that live all around us (and inside of us) as we explore what makes us, US! Build your own DNA model, learn the scientific method, and discover how those teeny-tiny cells work. In this class, we will cover general biology, microbiology, and genetics in a fun, hands-on environment.

Engineering Design Challenge

Ever wonder about the exact process an engineer goes through to design and create, well, … anything? Did you know that there are particular steps, processes, and metrics that all engineers must learn, whether they are designing a bridge, a parachute, or a roller coaster? Come learn this design process and start to think like an engineer as you are challenged to complete many engineering projects with your very own design team! In this class, your group will compete against others as you design comically complex Rube Goldberg machines, elegantly supportive egg cradles for our egg drop challenge, and much more! The skills you learn in this class will be indefinitely useful to you as you continue to grow as a problem-solver and future engineer.

Improv and Sketch Comedy

Join us for a hilarious and play-filled day of scene development, movement, and groupwork to explore the primary fundamentals of improvisation, making you more confident, trusting, and dynamic on stage (and off!). Learn how to say “yes, and…,” initiate and commit to scenes, and deliver real-life monologues. We will also work on how to make a good comedy sketch, from both writing and performance perspectives.

Magical Murder

The law of the Ministry of Magic, which coincidentally copied the American legal system, is swift and just. Harry Potter stands accused of criminal homicide. The victim...Lord Voldemort! Learn the basics of trial advocacy and legal analysis, and utilize those skills to argue for or against Mr. Potter. Public speaking, group work, creative thinking, and logic will set the stage for the trial of the century! Muggles welcome, witches and wizards preferred. *SPOILER ALERT: Actual plot elements, characters, and events from the Harry Potter series are discussed in this course.

Shark Attack!

Come and spend the day learning about an apex predator of the sea... sharks! During this class you will be learning from marine biologists about the natural history, biology, ecology and conservation of one of the most intriguing and ancient creatures of our oceans. This class is not for the squeamish, for it will culminate with a dissection of a real shark, and will bust any myths you have about who sharks are and what they are capable of doing.

Videogame Design

Do you love to play videogames or have dreams of designing your own someday? The gaming industry is a highly active, exciting frontier with a flourishing independent gaming culture and established gaming companies, alike. This course is an introduction to game design and development where you will have the chance to show off your story-telling, character development, problem-solving, creativity, and/or artistic skills. This course will be collaborative in nature, so students interested in any aspect of game development will have a great time in the classroom. Get ready to play with power!

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Saturday, February 22 at 10:00am to 4:00pm

Aderhold Hall
110 Carlton Street, Athens, GA 30602

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Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) Training, Duke TIP at UGA



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