Call for Publications: Voices From the Global South

Aiming to build a cross-cultural dialogue between voices from the Global South, Fala Aí magazine is now receiving texts for its special issue to be released in 2021.

Fala Aí, which literally means "speak up" in Portuguese, is a bilingual award-winning magazine about the Lusophone-world. However, the next edition's content is intended to broaden our horizons by bringing in its pages the expression of other marginalized and former-colonized communities.

The goal is to create an edition that works as a safe space for expressing oneself and that highlights our presence in a majorly white-American University. It aims to raise awareness, inspire reflexivity, and encourage readers to be familiarized with other people's cultures as well as with the intricacies of the experiences of immigrants, “aliens”, residents, and students living in the so-called Global North.

The magazine will be accepting creative and critical texts that discuss, illustrate, and educate about people of color, immigrants, and marginalized folks' experiences in the U.S. and at UGA. Texts can be written either in English or in your preferred language accompanied by a translation to English. It is also welcoming other cultural artifacts such as photos, drawings, and paintings.

Texts shouldn’t be longer than 5.000 words. Those who have already written a paper or a creative text that they believe might fit the proposal, do not hesitate to send it.

The magazine is also looking for people willing to participate in reviewing and editing the magazine.

The submission deadline is April 1. Texts must be sent to

To read past issues, visit

Thursday, April 1 at 8:00am

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