Asen Kirin – Lecture on “One Heart, One Way” Exhibition

Parker Curator of Russian Art Asen Kirin will give a lecture inconjunction with the exhibition “One Heart, One Way: The Journey of a Princely Art Collection.”The works included in this show date from 1660 to1917 and were passed from one generation to the next in the same Russian aristocratic family the Princes Belosselsky-Belozersky who trace their origins to the legendary founder of the medieval state of Kievan Rus’ the Viking Prince Riurik of Jutland (reign 862-879). In 862 Riurik bestowed on one of his two brothers the vast Belozersky (“White Lake”) domain in Northeastern Europe, hence the dynastic name. For centuries the family crest hasincluded a motto referring to an honorable singleness of mind and action, a quote from the Book of Prophet Jeremiah 32:39—“One heart, one way.”

Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 2:00am

Georgia Museum of Art
90 Carlton Street, Athens, GA 30602

Office of Research, Willson Center for Humanities and Arts
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