Odum School of Ecology Events

March 2019

Tuesday, March 5

Ecology Seminar: Janneke Hille Ris Lambers

"Forest Community Reassembly with Climate Change," Janneke Hille Ris Lambers, professor of biology at the University of Washington. Reception follows seminar...

Tuesday, March 19

Odum Lecture: Emily Bernhardt

The 34th annual Eugene P. Odum Lecture, "Do Rivers Have Rhythm? Taking the Pulse of Freshwater Ecosystems," will be given by Emily Bernhardt, the Jerry G....

Wednesday, March 20

Disease Ecology Seminar: Naoki Masuda

"Temporal Network Epidemiology: Epidemic Threshold, Commutator, and Concurrency," Naoki Masuda. Mobility of individuals and changes in sexual partners over...

Monday, March 25

Ecology Dissertation Defense: Ania Majewska

"Effects of Pollinator-Friendly Gardens on Butterfly Population Biology and Host-Parasite Dynamics."

Tuesday, March 26

Ecology Seminar: Courtney Murdock

"The Role of the Environment in Shaping Host Resistance, Life History and Vector-Borne Disease Transmission," Courtney Murdock, assistant professor with a...

Friday, March 29

CESD Thesis Defense: Rick Bauer

Title: Prevalence and Spatial Distribution of Contaminants Associated with a Superfund Site among Aquatic Reptiles in Southeast Georgia

March 2019