Odum School of Ecology

Upcoming Events

Dionne Hoskins-Brown

"Oyster reef restoration and monitoring as a nexus for supporting multidimensional coastal stewardship," Dionne Hoskins-Brown, Director of National Oceanic...

3/2 4pm
Virtual Event
Ecology Dissertation Defense: Claire Teitelbaum

"Nomadic animal movement and infectious disease in changing landscapes," by Claire Teitelbaum, doctoral candidate in Ecology. This event will take place via...

3/3 1pm
Virtual Event
Art Woods

"Temperature-dependent oxygen limitation: Hot fish and very cold sea spiders," Art Woods, professor of biological sciences, University of Montana. This...

3/9 4pm
Virtual Event
Josef Uyeda

"Making sense of macroevolution, from data to stories," Josef Uyeda, assistant professor of biological sciences at Virginia Tech. This seminar will take...

3/16 4pm
Virtual Event
Caleb Hickman

Dr. Caleb Hickman, Supervisory Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Office of Fisheries and Wildlife Management, will lead the...

3/17 4pm
Virtual Event
Erika Zavaleta

The 36th Odum Lecture, "The Interdependence of Biological and Cultural Diversity," will be given by Erika Zavaleta, Howard Hughes Medical Institute...

3/23 4pm
Virtual Event
Krista Capps

"Consumer-driven subsidies in the Anthropocene," Krista Capps, assistant professor, Odum School of Ecology and Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, University...

3/30 4pm
Virtual Event
Bernard C. Patten

Regents' Professor of Ecology Emeritus Bernard C. Patten will present the Nonagenarian Ecologist Lecture, "The Network Trophic-Dynamic Aspect of...

4/1 4pm
Virtual Event
Richard Hall

"Resource stabilization and its cross-scale consequences for infection dynamics in wildlife," Richard Hall, assistant professor, Odum School of Ecology and...

4/20 4pm
Virtual Event
Maya Carrasquillo

Dr. Maya Carrasquillo, Management Consultant with Arcadis, Inc., will lead the discussion. Sign up to receive the Zoom link for this and future Third...

4/21 4pm
Virtual Event