Thursday, December 12

 Exhibition: Rachel Whiteread

Five cast-stone sculptures by Rachel Whiteread reinterpret the artist’s earlier resin castings of the space beneath chairs. The works are arranged in a table...

2019-2020 Outstanding Academic Advisor Awards

Nomination Deadline: January 31, 2020, 5:00p.m. In order to encourage, acknowledge, and reward excellence in professional academic advising, the Office of...

Creative Teaching Awards

The Creative Teaching Awards recognize University of Georgia faculty for excellence in developing and implementing creative teaching methods to improve...

Exhibition: Beautiful and Brutal: Georgia Bulldogs Football, 2017

In 2017, the Bulldogs followed a strong regular season with an SEC title and a win at the Rose Bowl before heading to the national championship game in...

Exhibition: Growing Through Art - Athens Art Association Artists Celebrate Their Centennial Year

The Athens Art Association, in celebrating their centennial year, presents the exhibition, “Growing Through Art.” Current members are presenting...

Exhibition: Mary Lee Bendolph: Quilted Memories

This exhibition features quilts created by artist Mary Lee Bendolph spanning three decades. Bendolph worked in textile-related fields until 1992, when she...

Exhibition: Material Georgia 1733–1900: Two Decades of Scholarship

This exhibition will review 20 years of scholarly activity at the Henry D. Green Center for the Study of the Decorative Arts. It will include numerous...

Exhibition: Storytelling in Renaissance Maiolica

This focused exhibition brings together a small selection of tin-glazed earthenware produced in the duchy of Urbino, Italy, in the 16th century. Colorfully...

Exhibition: The New South and The New Slavery: Convict Labor in Georgia

The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States, and outlawed forced labor except for use as punishment for a crime. Georgia, along with...

Faculty & Staff Appreciation Sale at UGA Bookstore

The University of Georgia Bookstore would like to show its appreciation for the service of faculty and staff members by offering 20% off your entire gifts...

GCBA Committee Application Open

GCBA committee members serve from 2020-2023. Applications are open. Each committee is comprised of no more than nine teachers, school media specialists,...

UGA Community Music School Spring Registration

Spring registration for the Community Music School lessons and classes. Lessons for all instruments including strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, voice,...

Winter Golf Special

The Winter Golf Special is back. For $36 plus tax, players receive an 18-hole green and cart fee plus a gift certificate worth $5 in the Champions Café. Gift...

Construction Advisory: Center for Art and Nature at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Construction for the Center for Art and Nature at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia will occur from Sept. 30, 2019 through June 2020. Expect occasional...

Construction Advisory: Brumby Hall Renovation

Construction activities for the renovation of Brumby Hall will begin on May 28, 2019, and continue through July 2020. The sidewalks on Baxter Street and S....

Exhibition: Creatures of the Night

This exhibition from the Georgia Museum of Natural History is all about bats. Bats are vital to ecosystems all over the world: they serve as natural pest...

Exhibition: Moon Rocks!

A spotlight exhibition in honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing.

Exhibition: Now and Then: 1979

A look back at 1979 and the lasting legacy of the events that filled the public mind. 1979 was the the year of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster and...

FANR 3400 Final Exam

Final Exam for FANR 3400-3400D - Society and Natural Resources.

FORS 4530 Final Exam

Final Exam for FORS 4530/6530 - Wood Properties and Utilization.

FORS 7630 Final Exam

Final Exam for FORS 7630 - Intensive Forest Management.

FORS 8230 Final Exam

Final Exam for FORS 8230-8230D - Tree Resistance Mechanisms and Plant Defense Theories.

Nature Ramblers

Sessions will start with an inspirational reading by a nature writer such as Annie Dillard, John Muir, or Janisse Ray. This is a ramble not a hike; ramblers...

UGA Griffin Campus Graduation Celebration and Brick Ceremony

The Fall 2019 Graduation Celebration and Brick Ceremony to be held Dec. 12 at 10 a.m. in the Stuckey Conference Center Auditorium and concluding at the Naomi...

University of Georgia logo

Join us for lunch and learn more about the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business Executive MBA and Professional MBA programs. During the session...

COFA 5001 Final Exam

Final Exam for COFA 5001/7001 - Urban Tree Management I.

FANR 4350 Final Exam

Final Exam for FANR 4350/6350 - Conservation Genetics.

FORS 8050 Final Exam

Final Exam for FORS 8050 - Forest Stand Dynamics.

PRTM 5800S Final Exam

Final Exam for PRTM 5800S/7800S - Environmental Interpretation.

WILD 8500 Final Exam

Final Exam for WILD 8500 - Willdlife Disease Ecology: Investigation and Management.

SoTL Writing Power Hour

Join UGA scholars on Thursdays from 2-3:30 pm at the Center for Teaching and Learning to work on your SoTL writing project. Light conversation among...

School of Social Work Fall 2019 Convocation

The School of Social Work celebrates the accomplishments of students who graduate this fall. Convocation speaker: Victor K. Wilson, UGA Vice President for...

Construction Advisory: Rock Removal/Blasting at I-STEM Research Building Construction Site

Rock blasting at the Storm Line 1, just south of Computing Services / Natural History Museum building is continuing on the following dates and times:...

College of Education Fall 2019 Convocation

Come celebrate graduation from the College of Education this fall! All bachelors, masters and specialist students are welcome to participate in COE...

FANR 1100/TR Final Exam

Final Exam for FANR(MARS) 1100 - Natural Resources Conservation.

FANR 6750D/T Final Exam

Final Exam for FANR 6750-6750D - Experimental Methods in Forestry and Natural Resources Research.

FANR 8060 Final Exam

Final Exam for FANR 8060 - Forestry and Natural Resources Seminar Series.

FISH 4200L Final Exam

Final Exam for FISH 4200L/6200L - Aquatic Biology Lab.

FISH 4500 Final Exam

Final Exam for FISH 4500/6500 - Fish Physiology.

FORS 7070 Final Exam

Final Exam for FORS 7070 - Forest Resources Consulting and Real Estate Practice.

Georgia MBA Alumni Reception - Silicon Valley

Connect, reengage, and network with Georgia MBA alumni in the Silicon Valley area.

Closing Reception: Collages & Paintings by Don Chambers

Public closing reception for Collages & Paintings by Don Chambers, Athens artist and musician. Exhibition includes the new collage series "Cryptomnesia," as...

Thursday, December 12