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Microbiology Seminar

"The Post Antibiotic Era: No ESKAPE?," Dr. Lindsey N. "Les" Shaw, Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology, University of South Florida

2/21 11am
Microbiology Seminar

"Environmental Signals Tune Bacterial Growth and Physiology," Dr. Petra Levin, Department of Biology, Washington University of St. Louis.

2/28 11am
Microbiology Seminar

"Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Campylobacter concisus Respiratory Genes Provides Insight into the Pathogen's Growth Requirements," Dr. Stephane Benoit,...

3/21 11am
Microbiology Seminar

"The Influence of the Gut Microbiota on Host Physiology: In Pursuit of Mechanisms," Dr. Rheinallt Jones, Department of Pediatrics, Emory University School of...

3/28 11am
Microbiology Seminar

"EASy Does It: Generating New Metabolic Capabilities in Bacteria," Dr. Ellen Neidle, Department of Microbiology, University of Georgia.

4/4 11am

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