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UGA Black Alumni Oral History Project (VIRTUAL)

Black students who attended the University of Georgia during the 1960s and 1970s paved the way for the more diverse culture that exists on campus today, but...

Virtual Event
University of Georgia Baseball vs NCAA

University of Georgia Baseball vs NCAA Streaming Audio: http://georgiadogs.com/showcase?Live=3964 https://georgiadogs.com/calendar.aspx?id=22691

University of Georgia Track & Field at U.S. Olympic Trials

University of Georgia Track & Field at U.S. Olympic Trials https://georgiadogs.com/calendar.aspx?id=22532

Alumni Resume and LinkedIn Critiques

University of Georgia Alumni, this is an opportunity for you to have your resume or LinkedIn profile critiqued virtually by a resume coach! When you...

6/21 10am
Virtual Event
GRASP Class 6: Special Topics

This session focuses on more in-depth coverage of key issues related to sponsored projects that were briefly discussed in other sessions. These topics...

6/22 9am
Virtual Event
Toddler Tuesday To-Go: Past and Present

Enjoy looking at art and storytime in the galleries online, and then complete an Art at Home activity just for the little ones. Storytime and the related art...

6/22 9am
Virtual Event
University of Georgia logo

Calling together a class of learners to meet physically should mean offering them a valuable experience. How can educators maximize the impact of their time...

6/22 11am
Virtual Event
Health & Well-being Kickstarter Mini-Course

Join Health Promotion and Recreational Sports for this week-long mini-course that prepares participants for better self-care. Instructors will discuss basic...

6/22 12pm
Virtual Event
Mid-life Career Exploration: Pro Tips for Experienced Candidates

In this webinar, certified career coach and national career expert Hallie Crawford will teach participants how to: ¥ Tap into whatÕs most fulfilling for you...

6/22 1pm
Virtual Event