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February 25, 2013

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Phi Kappa Literary Society Debate

6:30 pm

(Ticket required)

Contact: Ben Woodard 706-766-0136

"Is Full Employment Possible Under Capitalism? Solving America's Jobs Crisis," Sam Webb, national chairman of the Communist Party USA, and Greg Morin, Libertarian Party of Georgia.

"The Debate That Never Happened" from 1963 when the Phi Kappa Literary Society of UGA attempted to hold a debate between Arnold Johnson, director of the Information and Lecture Bureau of the Communist Party USA, and  David Wright, leading economic authority at the University of Georgia. This attempt, however, was squelched by a unanimous vote of the Faculty Committee on Student Affairs. Then-President Aderhold then accused the Society of attempting to “incite riot.” In the spirit of free speech and debate that has guided the Phi Kappa Literary Society since its inception in 1820, we will recreate this debate on its 50th year anniversary.

The Phi Kappa Society also invites all guests to proceed across the North Campus quad to Phi Kappa Hall at the conclusion of the main debate to participate in another that shall be conducted solely by the members of the Phi Kappa Society. We will be hearing debate on the topic “Was Jesus a Communist or a Capitalist?” Guests are encouraged to take the floor to speak at this debate.