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October 5, 2017

Classes and Workshops

Class: American Sign Language for Medical Settings

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Georgia Center for Continuing Education


Contact: Registration Services 706-542-3537

Communicating in medical settings is extremely difficult for people who are deaf or hearing impaired, and qualified medical interpreters may not be immediately available to help them.

American Sign Language for Medical Settings is a 12-hour introductory course that prepares medical personnel who know basic signing to handle preliminary interactions until a qualified medical interpreter is available. Such settings can include:

  • Communicating with a patient or family member in emergency situations until a qualified medical interpreter is available
  • Gathering information for admission
  • Discussing paperwork, such as billing or insurance coverage
  • Setting appointments
  • Describing procedure preparations or follow-up activities

(Important: This is an introductory course for basic interactions only in health care settings. Qualified or certified American Sign Language medical interpreters, who have greater training, are essential for in-depth doctor-patient discussions of symptoms, diagnoses, examinations and tests).

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